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In the past 17 years, we’ve cleaned over 500,000 awnings!

Experience makes Awn-Guard a premiere awning care vendor.

In 2001, Dan & Dawn Wood founded Awn-Guard with a mission to help commercial properties look their best and by preserving their awning investment with professional awning care.

“When we first came to San Diego, we couldn’t believe how many dirty awnings there were here.  Restaurants, malls, there was so much need for our niche service.”

The Woods met and married in Anchorage AK.  They moved to Southern California with the intent to start a company. Dawn grew up in an entrepreneurial family.  “My Dad started his own architectural firm in the basement of our house.”  “Now my kids are seeing us do the same type of thing.”  Dan, a veteran of the US Army and former sales professional, was ready for a big change too “I wanted to set my own priorities.  Starting my own company was a risk but well worth it.”

Awn-Guard is based in Oceanside and is conveniently located between the two major markets of San Diego and Irvine.  It now serves over 300 businesses.

“We grew Awn-Guard from the ground up.  After establishing our reputation as quality awning cleaners, we now offer a range of services to compliment our expertise.  We provide customized, personal service to property managers and property owners, delivering on the Awn-Guard promise: ‘Big Company Credibility with Small Company Service.’”


Dawn Wood

Dawn grew up in Anchorage Alaska.  Dawn attended the University of Alaska Anchorage; transferring to earn her B.A. from the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle.  After graduating Dawn broadened her view of the world, spending five years in the personal financial services industry.  Moving out of Alaska late in 2000, she shifted gears to build the foundation for Awn-Guard as a family business.By 2004 Dawn transitioned fully away from finance to a full-time position at Awn-Guard, and accepted the role as President in 2005.  She consistently brings balance and heart to the company.

Dawn is an avid ocean and pool swimmer.  She also has taken up bodysurfing and even throws her hat into the competition ring from time to time.  Dawn also loves to learn, taking up drawing and woodworking in recent years.

Dan Wood
Vice President

Operations – Dan grew up in Three Rivers the gateway to Sequoia National Park, in the California Central Valley.  Coming from a small town, he was drawn to urban life especially major league sports and all the opportunities of a vibrant society.  After serving in the US Army, Dan spent 14 years as a sales professional.  There he distinguished himself and was much loved by both his co-workers and customers who would often bring him thank you batches of chocolate chip cookies.

Dan was the mastermind for starting Awn-Guard. Using the encouragement and mentorship from the folks at Fab-Tec, he caught the vision for Awn-Guard and pursued it relentlessly.  Dan is truly the hero of Awn-Guard.

Dan’s #1 joy is his role as a father and he is dedicated to this above all else.  Volunteering to coach and even donning the school Coyote mascot costume is common for Dan.  He also enjoys tennis, kayaking, fishing, spending time with his pup Nova and exploring the North County via it’s parks.

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