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Communities from Oceanside to La Jolla enjoy milder winters and cooler summers than their neighbors only a few miles inland.  The draw of this temperate climate has put coastal San Diego on the map as one of the most beautiful and weather friendly places anyone could choose to live.  Activities living near the Pacific; surfing, swimming, beach play, jogging, walking, cycling, gardening (year round) to name a few, add to the draw of living in Southern California.  With the pervasive marine layer, many coastal birds and proximity interstate freeways, the type of issues we find are unique to coastal regions:

Awning with mildew

Mildew growth caused by roof run-off

Mold growth on awning

Mildew and mold growth on awning fabric tends to be a bigger problem along the coast for several reasons:

  1. Fabric gets dirty and just like weeds growing in the crack in the sidewalk, mold begins to grow on that build up of dirt. Contributing to dirt accumulation, which can happen anywhere, the coastal belt’s relative higher humidity is the perfect environment for mildew growth.  Mildew and mold stains are difficult if not impossible to remove.  This is especially a problem on light colored fabrics – see article on color choices.
  2. Mold can become established onto awning/canopy fabric from roof run off.  If mold is growing on tiles or in gutters, rain water can carry down onto the awning.

Other regional factors at the coast:Clean Sunbrella awning

  1. Salt deposits from blowing sand can be found several blocks from the beach.  Long term exposure on fabric can create build up and staining.
  2. Salt in the air can also be very hard on awning frames – causing rust and other corrosion.Vinyl canopy before cleaning - lots of bird droppings
  3. Year round coastal bird residents while essential to the character of the beach communities including Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Del Mar, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach and Coronado, also leave accumulated bird droppings on buildings and awnings.  Allowing droppings to sit over long periods on fabric, allowing the sun to bake droppings into the weave of Sunbrella and other acrylic fabrics can make removal extremely difficult and staining probable.  Despite sometimes extrememly agressive bird abatement efforts by businesses, our feathered friends are here to stay and a regular schedule of cleaning is the best way to maintain the appearance of awnings and canopies.

Vinyl awning - after cleaning, removal of bird droppings

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