Awning Cleaning

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Awning cleaning done the right way is what Awn-Guard is all about. We understand how important your entire store-front area presentation is. Plus, regular awning cleaning is the best way to preserve your property’s awning investment.

Regular awning cleaning service should be considered if…
1. Your property’s appearance is important to you.
Professional Awning Cleaning will…

  • Clean out deeply embedded soil, grime, mold and pollution
  • Help bring back and retain original color with the use of optical brighteners
  • Leave your awning areas rinsed and free from residual dirt –  fresh storefront

2. You want to protect your awning investment
Professional Awning Cleaning will…

  • Help control existing mold, mildew and fungus growth on awning fabric while helping prevent new growth
  • Extend the life of awning fabric by removing dirt which, when embedded can weaken fabric
  • Protect against harmful UV damage, bird droppings and pollution

Why Clean Your Awnings?

Awning Maintenance Pitfalls to Avoid…
Top three causes of premature awning wear.

  1. Use of pressure washer machine on awnings – Awning fabric is not designed to withstand high pressure water.
  2. Improper chemicals / detergents / degreasers / solvents – Only manufacturer recommended cleaning agents and protectants should be used.
  3. Lack of cleaning.

How Often should Awning Cleaning be preformed?
Most awning warranties require regular cleaning.
For high traffic or coastal locations monthly or every other month service is recommended.  For most other locations quarterly service is adequate.

At Awn-Guard, we work hard to minimize our impact to normal business operations. We do this by scheduling work after hours for businesses and on weekdays for our apartment and HOA customers. We are always happy to customize your cleaning schedule.

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